Report builder


  • MDL-73141 - Convert cohort listing reports to Report builder
  • MDL-75349 - Create "Groups" custom report source
  • MDL-75352 - Create "Comments" custom report source
  • MDL-73988 - Create "Badges" custom report source
  • MDL-75166 - Create "Blogs" custom report source
  • MDL-75165 - Create "Notes" custom report source
  • MDL-75535 - Create "Files" custom report source
  • MDL-75245 - Create "Tags" custom report source
  • MDL-75191 - Create "Task logs" custom report source


  • MDL-74364 - Custom report source for course participants
  • MDL-75525 - Allow to easily specify default sortorder in report builder datasources
  • MDL-75639 - Add "In the future" and "In the past" options to date filter
  • MDL-75235 - Make it easier for reports to provide custom filter form implementations
  • MDL-75135 - Add "Course category with link" column to course category entity
  • MDL-74720 - Add an option to allow admins to limit the number of report builder custom reports
  • MDL-74453 - Add authentication method filter to user entity
  • MDL-73047 - Add "Account creation date" user report builder field
  • MDL-73916 - Allow to set default condition values on datasources
  • MDL-73726 - Improve dataformat API
  • MDL-74165 - Provide easier method for generating multiple alias/params quickly
  • MDL-75333 - Custom report audience for site administrators

Last modified: Tuesday, 6 December 2022, 2:31 PM