TinyMCE 6编辑器集成

  • MDL-75966 - Initial TinyMCE 6 integration
  • MDL-75331 - Configure available headings and formatting options
  • MDL-75258 - Create Media plugin with Image editing
  • MDL-75328 - Create Video insertion/editing functionality in the tiny_media plugin
  • MDL-75260 - Create Media manager functionality in the tiny_media plugin
  • MDL-75261 - Create H5P plugin
  • MDL-75262 - Create Accessibility checker
  • MDL-75269 - Create Equation editor plugin
  • MDL-75263 - Create Draft save/restore integration
  • MDL-75940 - Allow Tiny branding to be disabled by admin


  • MDL-74638 - Provide a way for teachers to invite external participants (guests)
  • MDL-74545 - Add a parameter to set the polling value for the live session/wait for moderator
  • MDL-75383 - Recordings synchronisation: warn user when cron is disabled or not working
  • MDL-74669 - Pick BBB UI language from Moodle user profile language instead of preferred browser language
  • MDL-73228 - Close meetings when removing BBB activity


  • MDL-72509 - Move the participants filter UI from within core_user to a re-usable API
  • MDL-72957 - Question bank: add a new "Modified by" column
  • MDL-74035 - In-place edit of the question name in the qbank view
  • MDL-75306 - Question bank: add a last-used column
  • MDL-74041 - Question bank view - page size should be 100
  • MDL-72188 - Add JavaScript API in Safe Exam Browser (SEB) integration to query the keys (BEK/CK)
  • MDL-74996 - Add a warning if quiz is being submitted with unanswered questions
  • MDL-75818 - Qtype_multichoice: Add a new site-wide default for "Show standard instruction"
  • MDL-73481 - True/False questions: remove Standard Instructions (or allow users to hide them)
  • MDL-74495 - Show correct answer and feedback when overriding grade


  • MDL-71468 - Convert the "Prepare submissions for annotation" scheduled task into adhoc tasks
  • MDL-75295 - Produce all mod_assign editpdf images from pages in a single shell call instead of per page
  • MDL-64231 - Improve Group assignment submission exporting
  • MDL-74234 - Implement "treset" parameter on the assignment grading page

Last modified: Tuesday, 6 December 2022, 2:28 PM