These are just the minimum supported versions. We recommend keeping all of your software and operating systems up-to-date.

  • Moodle upgrade: Moodle 3.9 or later.
  • PHP version: minimum PHP 7.4.0 Note: minimum PHP version has increased since Moodle 4.0. PHP 8.0.x is supported too. See PHP for details.
  • PHP extension sodium is recommended. It will be required in Moodle 4.2. For further details, see Environment - PHP extension sodium.
  • PHP extension exif is recommended.
  • PHP setting max_input_vars is recommended to be >= 5000 for PHP 7.x installations. It's a requirement for PHP 8.x installations. For further details, see Environment - max input vars.


Moodle supports the following database servers. Again, version numbers are just the minimum supported version. We recommend running the latest stable version of any software.

Database Minimum version Recommended
PostgreSQL 12 (increased since Moodle 4.0) Latest
MySQL 5.7 Latest
MariaDB 10.4 (increased since Moodle 4.0) Latest
Microsoft SQL Server 2017 (increased since Moodle 3.10) Latest
Oracle Database 19 (increased since Moodle 4.0) Latest
Last modified: Tuesday, 6 December 2022, 2:23 PM